When it comes to installations, strategic planning and thought goes into a fully functional system.

To achieve an installation that gives the customer piece of mind, that their steam system is going to work on a daily basis, without them worrying about their system flooding with water, due to poor design of installations, this is both uneconomical and time consuming.

We can offer complete installations from a standard dry cleaners to a factory size install.

Having carried out or been involved in many installations over the past 30 years, we believe our service is second to none.

Our installations over the years have taken us into many places ranging from our every day dry cleaners / factory outlets to some of the major hotels in London, even into many other outlets such as farms and military bases.

We carry out all pipe work services: steam, water, gas, compressed air and electrical.

We can offer many other services within dry cleaning ranging from ventilation, boiler chimneys to fabricated slick rails for shops.